What Your Dreams May Mean

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It's a fact that most people dream, and that they do so at least several times during periods of sleep. For technical purposes, what your dreams may mean involve first of all emotions that may be felt, and even sensations that occur during those sleep periods. Interpreting the meaning of dreams has occupied the activities of many people over the centuries. There is a branch of science called "oneirology," which deals with the study of them.

In human physiology, dreams are a response to activities that are ongoing in the neural pathways during sleep periods. As a matter of psychology, dreams mean many things to many different people. Some think they're manifestations of subconscious desires, or even of the subconscious itself. Joan of Arc, among others throughout history, thought of them as being messages from God, in some instances.

Psychics and other people think that dreams can be predictors of the future. Various American Indian tribes practiced what was known as dream incubation. In this activity, they hoped to create a dream state that could deliver prophetic dreams or messengers from whatever spirits or gods it was that they generally worshiped.

The great psychiatrist Sigmund Freud believed that dreams were an expression of a person's deepest fears or desires. His therapies involved analysis of a patient's dreams in order to gain a deeper understanding of the things that were driving his patient's actions. In one large study conducted over years, dreams were found to fall into a couple of different themes.

Emotion-type dreams are the most common, including those revolving around anxiousness, a specific fear, or something that's joyful. Some dream analysts place certain actions in dreams - such as driving an automobile - as being indicative of something that's related to the person dreaming, such as heading in a certain direction in life, or a person's body.

In the end, the mind is a deep well. And dreams can be a reflection of the things going on down in the watery depths of that well. Knowing what they are and how to divine what they may stand for can provide a bit of comfort and reduce anxiety about why people always have them.

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What Your Dreams May Mean

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This article was published on 2010/04/03