Understand Your Dreams With A Dream Dictionary

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People dream about all kinds of things. Some of them are far fetched and crazy, others are scary and terrifying. Sometimes what you dream is a direct result of what is going on in your life or the stress and situations you are in. Other times dreams are influenced by what you just read or watched on TV. And, then there are times when your dreams really do mean something and to help you piece together those meanings, a dream dictionary can be used.

Using a dictionary to interpret your dreams can help you piece together the dream to make sense of it. Since dreams often fade as soon as you wake up, it is important to write the dream down as soon as you open your eyes. This way all the information is fresh in your mind and although it may be fading fast, you’ll be able to write down as much as possible before it is gone from your memory.

When recording your dreams, everything you recollect needs to be remembered. But so do the feelings that you felt during the dream and any smells that you encountered. Animals and colors can be significant, so whatever stands out in your memory should be recorded.

After you have everything you remember about your dream on paper, it is easier to use dream dictionaries to figure out what it means. Most times, dreams really mean nothing but the only way to figure that out is to put all the pieces together to see if they make sense. Dream dictionaries work just like a regular dictionary, but meanings to words rather than definitions of words are used. A few dictionaries will have added phrases or keywords that may apply to your dreams to help.

Paying attention to the interpretations as you write can help you figure out of there are any patterns emerging. When patterns pop up it can help you understand whether it is related to your waking life or is a message that needs to be paid headed. When you are done interpreting, look over what you wrote and ask yourself how it applies to your life and if it even makes sense.

Sometimes while interpreting your dream you find it is relating to something that happened to you earlier in the day or is connected to a movie or book you read before falling asleep. Other times the dream may seem like a message, a warning about a person or situation in your life at the time. Most people take dreams very seriously and any warnings or messages that come through upon interpretation are taken seriously.

There are many different classifications of dreams. For some, every time they dream it is like watching a movie with them on the sidelines. For others, they are able to consciously play a role in their dream. Dreams that are recurring, terrifying or puzzling can make a person wonder if those dreams truly mean something or nothing. By using a dream dictionary, they are able to find out.

James Tien is a Chinese culture writer. He recommends Absolutely Feng Shui for more information on Chinese Name and Face Shapes.

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Understand Your Dreams With A Dream Dictionary

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This article was published on 2010/10/21