Lucid Dreaming Techniques: Easy Ways To Have A Lucid Dream

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Lucid dreams are different from normal dreaming. The technique involved with lucid dreaming is to be conscious that you are in a dream state rather than just letting your dreams happen as and when they feel like it. There are a number of lucid dreaming techniques that you can use to help this to happen:

Keep a dream journal

Like everything else in life, what we monitor is more likely to happen. This goes for lucid dreams as much as anything else. So write down your dreams as soon as you return to a waking state. Keep your dream journal close to your bed and - ideally - keep a small torch as well as a pen or pencil next to it. That way if you wake up part way through the night you can record your most recent dream as a fresh memory.

Realize when you are dreaming

Dreams aren't the same as real life - which is a good job, considering some of the things we dream about. Often reality gets distorted in our dreams but we only discover that when we wake up and write up our dream journal. Learn the different signals that are buried in your dreams that act as reminders that this is a dream state rather than a waking one.

Induce your dreams

There are several ways that you can help to induce a lucid dream. Several of these involve setting your alarm clock for various lengths of time after you've gone to sleep. This is probably easiest with a diary note in your cell phone (so long as you don't set your phone to "silent" mode at night!). "Wake back to bed" is one of these lucid dreaming techniques. It works best if you fall asleep at roughly the same time each evening: set your alarm clock for 5 hours after your regular sleep time. When you are woken by your alarm, stay up for an hour or so, keeping your focus on lucidity. Then let yourself go back to sleep, imagining that you are about to join your previous dream where you left off. Even if you can't actually remember where your previous dream finished, go with this idea. Your subconscious will know where it stopped even if you don't. Let yourself drift off to sleep as this happens - don't force anything otherwise you'll keep yourself awake, which defeats the object of the exercise.

Keep practicing

With practice, you'll find yourself being able to have a lucid dream on a regular basis, probably even several times a night. Don't give up if it doesn't happen immediately - these things take time and patience.


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Lucid Dreaming Techniques: Easy Ways To Have A Lucid Dream

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This article was published on 2011/06/28