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One of the most frequently quoted phrases of the 20th century is the one from Rev. Martin Luther King’s Peace speech:


And what a dream! It has lived to be a spotlight for thousands who work for peace.

One very special peace initiative came from a group of mixed ethnic background who wrote a song while sitting on a mountain top that spread around the world like wild fire: Let There Be Peace On Earth. It is sung in churches and meetings in every corner of our world, by a wide variety of humanity.

The dream was to see every person, regardless of the many barriers humans set up to separate us, walk hand in hand in harmony and love.

What is a dream?

It is what happens when the consciousness we use in our everyday existence relaxes into another level of being to allow rest and refreshment to the body, mind and spirit connection of the individual. It occurs in what has been identified as our REM (rapid eye movement) state during sleep.

Why do we remember some dreams and not others?

The purposes for dreaming are many. The studies conducted on this aspect of our consciousness have identified various forms of dreaming and their significance to our living and growing.

As sleep is intended to renew and refresh the body, mind, and spirit it is important to allow the dreams, if they come, and to not try to manipulate them for any kind of growth benefit. Our being requires this rest. It allows us to function and be in the conscious state on a fuller material, spiritual and emotional basis.

Is there meaning to dreams?

All dreams have significance to our body, mind, and spirit connection. When we are confused and seeking in our conscious state, this also manifests in our sleep state. Hence, the dreams become a means to deal with emotions that have not been resolved in our conscious state.

They can allow clearer thinking to make the decisions necessary to focus and direct our lives. They can also resolve our emotional attachments and focus our thoughts to progress in our life's purpose, as we see it.

Dreams can be a signpost along the way for dealing with our being in body, mind, or spirit. We can reach to higher levels of consciousness and we can sink to the very depths. This too depends upon our emotional focus.


For every man, woman, and child to understand what being spirit now, a part of eternity now, really means to each and every one of us in our living experiences here on the earth plane.

It means that we are each a spark of the One, the Great Creator, therefore when we hurt another, we are hurting ourselves.

We are spirit now, living in eternity now. The results will fulfill all our dreams with


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I Have a Dream!

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This article was published on 2010/01/27