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When a person is aware that they are dreaming at the time they are dreaming, it is referred to as a lucid dream. Sometimes the lucid dreamer can manipulate the goings on within the dream once they are aware that they are dreaming. Most people don't even realize that there is a difference between a typical dream and a lucid dream. They don't exactly know how to lucid dream.

Those who are somewhat aware of the concept of lucid dreaming have a few misconceptions about it. One misconception is that lucid dreaming is a new age idea with no purpose for endeavoring to experience one. Another misconception is that lucid dreaming promotes escape from the real world. This can only be true if an individual makes the decision to sleep only to lucid dream. A sleeping pattern of healthy proportion will naturally promote dreams of lucid nature.

Lucid dreaming is not related to an occult as those who fear the concept seem to think. There are actually a good many positive reasons to experience it. Many believe that dreams provide important messages to us, but that message is lost in lucid dreaming. It takes a good bit of practice to learn how to lucid dream. It takes even more experience to be able to have some control of those dreams. You must have confidence in your dreams and your own beliefs. However, many wonder why they would want to make such an effort.

Your imagination can take you to places for you to dream of. Adventure and excitement can be yours through lucid dreaming. Your life can go in whatever direction you please with storybook type imaginings.

Sleep is something most people look forward to as a means of not only resting the body and mind, but also is a time to forget and rest. It is a get away from some monotonous lives, despite the brain being very active. Lucid dreaming can often even inadvertently answer some questions that have been on the dreamer's mind for quite a while.

An individual with a dream recall that is above average can learn how to lucid dream. As with anything, a person with a predisposition for the ability will be more likely to accomplish the feat. However, a little motivation and practice and dream recall can be developed. Patience and diligence is also needed in abundance in order to learn to experience lucid dreams. Sometimes a person who simply thinks a lot about and maybe dreams about lucid dream will have induced lucid dreaming.

Sleep is not a steady state. It is a good idea to learn the sleep stages and in which stages the most vivid dreams occur. To sum them up the four to five stages include the transition between awakeness and sleep; there is a series of brain wave peaks; deep sleep; deeper sleep; and REM. REM is the stage in which the most vivid dreaming happens.

When a person is aware that they are dreaming at the time they are dreaming, it is referred to as a lucid dream. Everyone dreams, but when you know how to lucid dream you reach a different level of imagination and excitement in dreaming.

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How to Lucid Dream

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This article was published on 2010/03/27