how To Control Your Dreams To Rule Your Life

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For centuries mankind has been haunted by the question that what are dreams? Are they totally random or do they have any meaning? In order to get into more detail of dreams first you need to get a little insight about dreams. Dreams are basically the involuntary conjuring up of images, sounds, ideas and feelings as well as other sensations during sleep.

 As we all know that dreams can be of any kind horrifying, adventurous, stupid, magical and what not. Most of the time you don’t believe what you dream and most of the time people don’t even remember what they see in their dreams. As with the advancement in the scientific technology scientists reviled that when we sleep our brain does not sleep only the different part of our brain wakes up while we sleep. We can say that our dreams which we see are a way of peeping into your own subconscious. People say that if you get to know that how getting control of your dream is possible, you can conquer the greatest power to get things done. This skill comes with great practice and patience.

Getting control of your dreams is not an easy thing to do as we usually don’t remember that we are dreaming and what we dreamt this is because most of the people have dreams when they enter the REM sleep mode means which occurs only after ninety minutes after sleeping. In order to influence your dreams you need to be aware of the fact that you are dreaming. This particular practice is called lucid dreaming. This practice is an amazing way to influence and learning about getting control of your dreams and of course when you are sleeping. How to recall your dreams? The most convenient way of doing this is to make a journal of dreams. This sound a little weird but yes by making a journal for jotting down your dreams. Whenever you recall your dream just jot it down in your dream journal. Only then you will realize that what is real and fake in your dreams too. Once you get control over this thing you will be able to control your dreams. Try to write down a thing which does not happen in the real life.

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Mastering this particular skill can be really hard and can take a long time so you need to be patient. But once you masters and learn getting control of your dreams, you will understand that this is very enjoying and fun activity to do. There are people who master this skill in no time but there is who learns slowly.  But ultimately when you will learn you will be able to control your dream for example you will be able to change the color of flower in your dream. Once you have learned how to control your dreams you will be well on your way to being able to control your own dreams. You’ll feel that you have overpowered the distress in your life.

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how To Control Your Dreams To Rule Your Life

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how To Control Your Dreams To Rule Your Life

This article was published on 2012/02/13