How to control your dreams for a peaceful life

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In this particular article you are going to read about what actually the dreams are? And how to control your dreams? Well yes you must be thinking that it is something impossible to control your dreams but this is not true to get into more detail first you need to get a little insight about dreams. Dreams are the involuntary conjuring up of images, sounds, ideas and feelings as well as other sensations during sleep. As we all know that dreams can be of any kind horrifying, adventurous, stupid, magical and what not.

Most of the time you don’t believe what you dream and most of the time people don’t even remember what they see in their dreams. As with the increase in the scientific technology scientists reviled that when we sleep our brain does not sleep only the different part of our brain wakes up while we sleep. We can say that our dreams which we see are a way of peeping into your own subconscious. There are people in the world of the view that dreams have such a great and immense power, if you are able to learn how to control your dreams then you can surely use the great power of your mind to get whatever you want from your life. All you have to do is to sink deep into the world of your dreams here three ways are mentioned which are necessary to do if you want to be able to conquer the power of dreams and to make it work for you. As already mentioned that while at sleep the dreams are the visualizations of your brain they actually are not random visualizations or stories they are the clues and bits n pieces of information which your brain wants to pass it to you. If you want to know how to control your dreams all you have to do is to be more conscious and let the information and symbols guide you.

Following are some rules you need to master..

1. You need to improve your memory or dream call it is most important step as most of the people don’t even remember what they have seen. If you want your dreams to help you in your real life then you need to improve the rate at which you remember the dreams.

2. Make yourself aware that you actually are dreaming. It can be only achieved with practice and patience. When you are aware that you are in a dream only then you can influence your dreams according to your will. This is called lucid dreaming.

3. This step is only possible when you are aware that you are dreaming only then you can actually control the activities in your dreams or in another manner influence them.

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In this manner you can actually control your sub conscious by learning how to control your dreams and with that you can eliminate all your fears which keep you from achieving your goal and turning the life the way you want.

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How to control your dreams for a peaceful life

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How to control your dreams for a peaceful life

This article was published on 2012/02/13