Fulfilling Your Dream is a Powerful Statement

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I have been tasked this week in reconnecting with many people I have recently met to share support as well as find resources to help me in my own mission. We have a word for this, its called networking. As I began writing those emails I realized I had more to share with each of those contacts.

I realized that my simple act of sending an email to another and sharing my vision was an amazing step. As I concluded my message I left this statement: "A vision is powerful in itself, but an act is a sign of our commitment and a statement of the strength of spirit". Suddenly my steps were clearer, and I could see as well how the barriers I had faced shattered so easily when I just took that next step.

We live in this world, but we are more than just the shell we walk around in. We are a spiritual presence, with opportunity galore to express ourselves in whatever way we choose. Still we are faced with limitations, and we ask why it is so difficult to make our dream come true. What reason is there for any of us to hold back?

Most everything we bring into this world takes up time, or space, or both. Much as we would like to have it all it is just not possible for us to fully embrace everything. To fill our lives so heavily would be like driving by at 70 miles per hour, and we would lose the sight of the dew drops on the leaves or the tear that flows from that strangers face as they reunite with their long lost friend.

We must make choices, be selective in how our days and moments are spent. Look back on your prior experiences, whether they were a success or a failure only as your resources. When we spend our time in fear or regret we only build the wall that separates us. Step into your dream, invest your time wisely.

Here we are, in the moment, the only place we can truly be. Now is the time to give attention to building that dream. Your actions show your vision better than any words could, and actions give you opportunity to connect to others, and utilize the many resourceful people in your life. Just remember, it is your dream, it is up to you to make that dream come true.

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Fulfilling Your Dream is a Powerful Statement

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This article was published on 2010/03/29