Do You Believe in the Meaning of Dreams?

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The impression that our dreams have no meaning was originated by our incapacity to understand the dream language, viewing the images and scenes we see as we sleep absurd because they don't agree with our conscious logic.

On the other hand, the materialistic philosophy of our time tends to despise whatever is not concrete, or what cannot be understood. This is why many people feel great pleasure when they declare that they don't believe in anything. They do it with an air of superiority, thinking that they are not eluded by false promises like the others. However, if these individuals would observe their dreams, even without understanding their meaning, they would verify that there are many repeated scenes and themes.

Recurring dreams cannot be a product of chance, since this repetition happens only to certain people. If they were something without any specific meaning, everyone would have recurring dreams regularly.

Besides that, there are specific themes that compose the dreams of all dreamers that try to discover the content of their psyche. These are the archetypes: symbols that appear in dreams, and artistic and religious manifestations of people that belong to different civilizations, in all historical times.

When we observe that there are similarities and repetitions in the reality we observe, we have to research this phenomenon further, because we have many indications that there is a purpose for the appearance of the same aspects many times.

Repetitions and coincidences have an aim, and we can discover it, analyzing the symbolism of reality, the same way we analyze the symbolism of dreams.

If you tend to despise the analysis of the symbolism of reality and the translation of the meaning of your dreams, you had better change your attitude, because many proofs were already found and too much was already achieved, because the symbolic language gives us precious and valid information.

Your dreams are a font of knowledge, and you will have a wise attitude if you'll care about their meaning, instead of living accommodated in the materialist conception of our time, which denies to deeply examine the several very strange characteristics of reality that cannot be a product of chance, because they are organized.

The repetition of dream scenes is a demonstration of organization, since it happens in certain periods of times, or whenever the dreamer repeats the same activities or thoughts.

Only this very interesting characteristic is enough to prove you that your dreams have an intention, but if you'll study their language, you'll discover many other proofs much stronger, that will definitively convince you that they contain serious messages that you shall not despise, because you'll be in contact with the unconscious mind that produces your dreams in order to protect you and guide you in life.

The communication existent between the dreamer and the unconscious mind that answers his or her questions with dream images is the most amazing proof that our dreams are very meaningful, but you have to learn the dream language in order to verify this phenomenon in practice.

If you never care about studying the dream language, the dream scenes will always seem to be confusing and absurd to your eyes, while if you learn how to translate the dream images into words that you can understand, you'll discover the other side of reality, and the origins of each phenomenon you observe.

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Do You Believe in the Meaning of Dreams?

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This article was published on 2010/04/02