America's Dream Team Dream Beijing Activities: 30 Million People Struggle To Participate In

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As the Beijing Olympics approaching, close the street to greet the Olympic movement as a people to participate in the Olympics is another choice. Recently, this reporter was informed by the United States with the Chinese Red Cross Foundation (hereinafter referred to as "Red China Foundation") jointly organized the "America's Dream Team Dream Beijing" campaign in full swing across the country, the activities to a number of simple competitive fun campaign to attract public participation. According to the organizers to statistics, since the activity has been carried out for 6 weeks, after Huizhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guiyang, Shijiazhuang and other 33 cities, has been more than 30 million people to participate in field activities, the successful promotion in July 66 final, common for Beijing Dream trip to places.

Playing abroad right away, young and old

U.S. life electrical division official said, "America's Dream Team Dream Beijing" sports events in various sports activities, the design inspiration comes from life, small appliances, has attracted a lot of the elderly to participate. "To play with electric cooker, juicer these gadgets, how young people today could be my opponent." Before the game, Chen said her mother will be quite confident. This is carried out activities in Shanghai, in late Chen seven more amazing mother to the outstanding performance of a Shanghai station's "red people." Although age has been high, but not behind the deft hands and feet Chen mother young, straight, "deft hand winner," "colorful juice" and so competition for access to the kitchen and move around less frequently unfamiliar young man marveled.

"I also go to Beijing!" The words of a foreigner slightly jerky, are attracted to the audience. Shenzhen's activities despite the scorching sun in the sky, it's a foreigner named Daniel still withstand sweating, throwing on the stage enthusiastically, "civil and military fire" lucky dice, throw "sterilization" Darts. After the game has volunteered to challenge BMX extreme sports, lying on the ground for BMX jumps from the body. "I like Chinese. I support the Olympics with the movement." Daniel told reporters.

Site "Scaling New Heights" competition, organized by a model up to 8 meters of water dispensers formed with a set of professional climbing equipment, water dispenser model with the fastest touch the top of the winner. As the novelty games are played, many young men and women competing to challenge, competition records have been refreshed. Currently, the most recent record is 4 seconds and 93, from Huizhou to create a rock climbing over people.

Compete online and offline game dreams

Organized and personnel, at the scene of several major athletic competitions include a shooting, rock climbing, shuttlecock and other sports, the performance of the "faster, higher, stronger" motto of the Olympic movement. All links are set up in seconds for a time, players are also time record results, so that "faster" as you player goal. Players can also participate in "Invincible King Kong" and "sterilization Wars" two projects, more than anyone else's eye than the "stronger." If on the "more" is not "Scaling New Heights" project must go.

Addition to touring activities, "America's Dream Team Dream Beijing" theme website has been formally launched, and to explore the Internet application, virtual race, fueling a message such as blocks for the dream team. Users can not only obtain through this website at any time the latest "action", the online registration site to participate in fun competitions in cities, but also in the experience of six virtual contest, win prizes.

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America's Dream Team Dream Beijing Activities: 30 Million People Struggle To Participate In

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America's Dream Team Dream Beijing Activities: 30 Million People Struggle To Participate In

This article was published on 2010/10/23